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Summer Means “Therapy Time” Turns into “Play Time”

It is Summertime at Texas Kids! Summer is a great time for kids who are normally too busy for therapy during the school year to sign up and take advantage of those extra hours at home. Working on therapy skills during the summer can help get kids caught up for the next school year. Kids that are normally seen after school, can be seen earlier in the day when they are less fatigued to help them gain more progress.

Texas Kids therapists love to use the Summertime to transform “therapy time” into “play time” by taking therapy outside on beautiful days. Backyards, parks, or other outdoor areas make therapy FUN! These environments are wonderful places to work on gross motor, fine motor, and language skills. By the end of the Summer the families we serve will be amazed by the progress their kids have made “playing” with our therapists!