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Dennis Hosley

Dennis Hosley

As Pediatric Home Healthcare’s Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Dennis Hosley is responsible for governance and organizational management with responsibilities that include finance, facilities, information technologies, customer service, human resources, legal compliance, and security. Mr. Hosley oversees corporate operations and is responsible for the maintenance and training of employees on the internal information technology that supports the scheduling, billing, payroll, and clinical documentation company-wide. He is responsible for financial reporting, budgeting, developing policies and procedures, implementing cost control measures, and is a part of the Senior Leadership Team that procures organizational banking relationships and cash management. Mr. Hosley has strong analytical and planning skills; he is a productive and efficient manager with the ability to motivate those that report to him.

Mr. Hosley’s previous work experience includes extensive business knowledge coupled with creative ideas for product applications, strong sales, marketing, and operational understanding

Prior to Mr. Hosley’s civilian employment, he was in the Air Force from June of 1997 through August of 2004. He was a part of Operation Northern Watch, Operation Southern Watch, and Operation Eagle Assist, following 9/11. During his time in the Air Force, Dennis attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and pursued course work in Professional Aeronautics and Aviation Safety.