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Tips on How to Protect Yourself from Mosquitos this Summer!

Mosquitos are on the way; and, with all the rain, we can expect a healthy population! Mosquitos can cause a variety of problems: itching, discomfort and with scratching, bites can lead to infection. There are some great options for preventing mosquito bites and warding off some misery.

DEET: Sounds like a scary name for a chemical we can put on babies as young as two months. But DEET has been extensively studied and consistently shown to be safe and effective as a mosquito repellant in children. Recommended concentrations of 10-30% provide great protection with 30% lasting around five hours.

Picaridin or Lemon Eucalyptus Oils: Studies have shown that these two alternatives can be as effective as 10% DEET and therefore last around two hours. Re-application is important if you plan to be outside longer than two hours.

Here are some important facts about applying insect repellent:

  • Spray a thin layer over clothes and exposed skin. Thick layers do not make it more effective.
  • Use your hands to apply repellant to the face rather than directly spraying.
  • Spray in open areas to avoid inhalation, as much as possible.
  • Assist young children with application to ensure coverage and safety.
  • Avoid combination sunscreen products because reapplication of sunscreen needs to be done more frequently.